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Kiana & Andrew | Mount Seymour Sunset Adventure Engagement Photography


Wow what an adventure it looks like you all had. Mt Seymour is beautiful and so is this couple, great shots!

What a beautiful set of photos! Also that view and sunset light was absurdly pretty.


Thanks Hannah! Hiking down in the dark was so worth it for that sunset light!

Wow those are some epic roots! Good on them for hiking for these.


I know, right? I totally wasn’t expecting so much snow this late into the season too!

Wow these are absolutely stunning! The location is amazing love the adventure! The sunset images are perfect!!

oh my goodness! what a gorgeous adventure! This mountain looks so freaking gorgeous!! You captured them so perfectly!!

Snow and sundresses! Love the combo! Love the mountain backdrop shots towards the end – totally gorgeous!

Really really beautiful work!! Love those silhouetted sunset shots!!

Those mountains look like something out of a painting!! Absolutely stunning!

Wow this is beautiful! I haven’t been up there for a sunset session yet, but it is now definitely on my list!!



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